### PROLOG.COMPUTER :- Prototype Web Prolog Cluster - [Source Code](https://github.com/web-prolog) - [Documentation](https://github.com/Web-Prolog/swi-web-prolog/raw/master/book/web-prolog.pdf) - [Try it out!](http://one.prolog.computer:3010) Web Prolog is a tiny core of the Prolog programming language, proposed by Torbjörn Lager, creator of SWISH and Pengines, enabling distributed Web peer-to-peer computing. Using standard HTML5, Web Prolog enables peer-to-peer communication and distributed computing between Web Prolog nodes. Each node serves knowledge bases. Using RPC calls over Web Sockets, any node can query another node using standard Prolog syntax. Web Prolog is composed of a Web server and predicates defining a small set of programming primitives that support *actor programming*. PROLOG.COMPUTER is a reference implementation. Currently, there are three nodes in this cluster, the one you are viewing now, and two other nodes: https://one.prolog.computer:3010 and https://two.prolog.computer:3010.